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Scarsdale, known as the affluent suburb of New York City, has consistently topped several wealth rankings. At the time of World War II, it had the highest per capita income in America, and remains one of the wealthiest suburbs in the US, with a median household income of $75,000.

In World War II, the population was about 3,000, and the 2000 census put the number at 18,000. Scarsdale, the most famous commuter satellite of New York City, and it has grown considerably over the last century. According to the most recent census data available, there are 5,795 housing units, up from 4,073 at the 1990 census.

According to the 2000 Census, the racial distribution in Scarsdale is white and non-Hispanic. According to the age distribution, 51.0% of the population live with children under 18 years of age, of whom 81.8% are married couples living together, 11.6% are 65 years or older and 5.5% have a housekeeper whose husband is present. Some 2.2%, or 1.1 million people, live below the poverty line, including 11% (8.7 million) who do not have a family.

The median income per household in the village is $182,792, and the median income per family is $291,542. According to the census, New York City ranks second in median household income, behind the Bronx.

There is also a very active Jewish community: Westchester's largest Orthodox community is located at the Young Israel Scarsdale Synagogue, and there is a well-attended Westchester Reform Temple in the city that crosses Mamaroneck Avenue. There are 12 Orthodox synagogues, not counting 12 in New York City, which occupies most of the southeastern corner, but there are also several other congregations, such as the Congregation B'nai Israel and the Chabad - Lubavitch.

In addition to middle and high schools, Scarsdale has a geographic area divided into two districts: the Edgemont Union Free School District and the Westchester County Free Schools District. The county consists of all the towns, but has no middle school of its own. The middle schools of grades 7 and 8 are merged with the upper grades 9 to 12. It is also the Edgemon Union Free School District in the neighboring town of Greenburgh, which shares the ScARSdale ZIP Code.

There are a few medium-sized rental buildings in the city centre, such as the Heathcote Inn Apartments on Popham Road, but the Edgewood properties are comparatively modest, and getting a parking space means an enormous waiting list. The stations in neighbouring Hartsdale tend to be a little less crowded than in Scarsdale; many are known to oversell and oversell their seats. Almost all of ScARSdale's properties are single-family homes, most of them in neighborhoods like Eastchester, New Rochelle and White Plains. The apartments are easy to find and there are many, but the largest are in HeathCote and the Quaker Ridge school districts and are usually comparatively smaller than those in the nearby cities of Greenburgh, Westchester and neighboring East County.

Metro-North Harlem Line trains take 35-45 minutes to get from Scarsdale to Grand Central Terminal, and there are also buses to make the journey from downtown to New Rochelle and New York City. In addition, the cities of New York are part of the 10583 postcode, which also includes Eastchester and Westchester boroughs, as well as the city of White Plains and the village of Greenburgh.

There are some shopping and restaurants in the city center, although the trade along the long stretch from Yonkers to White Plains is denser and the atmosphere of the city is otherwise rather quiet. A small downtown area, grouped around the station and dominated by Tudor buildings, serves as a commercial center. It is located near a Metro - North Railroad Express that can reach Midtown Manhattan in about 30 minutes.

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More About Scarsdale